VegetationLink provides permit holders, developers and consultants a fast, free service to identify native vegetation credits to meet offset requirements. 

The advantages of buying credits though VegetationLink are:

  • Fast, free no obligation search and quotation service;
  • We do the “running around” – if we don’t currently have an offset to meet your needs, we will endeavour to find one at no cost to you;
  • Free appraisal of your offset options to ensure the identification of a Value for Money solution;
  • Experience - we have facilitated hundreds of offset arrangements across Victoria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who approves my offset?
Your offset must be to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority (typically your local council) and any Referral Authorities (typically DSE). 

VegetationLink, BushBroker and/or Trust for Nature are NOT responsible for ensuring a Native Vegetation Credit complies with your planning permit.

What is a Credit Agreement?

A Credit Agreement is an agreement between a landowner and a permit holder which formalises the obligations of each party and details the number, type and price of Native Vegetation Credits that are to be recorded against the name of the permit holder on the Native Vegetation Credit Register. Under the Agreement, the Secretary of DSE, on behalf of the State of Victoria, or Trust for Nature (depending on who is responsible for the Landowner Agreement/Covenant) will receive and hold in trust the money for subsequent progress payments to the landowner over 10 years.

How long does the trading process take?
The timelines to complete the process is dependent on a number of factors including, but not limited to, whether an Over the Counter Agreement is in place, whether the Landowner Agreement is already executed by the Landowner, and the time it takes for final execution of agreements by all parties. If the credits are already registered and available, trades can be completed in less than one month, but it is strongly recommended to commence the process as early in your project lifecycle to avoid delays.

See also “About the trading process

How are payments administered?
Once the Credit Agreement has been signed by all parties, BushBroker or Trust for Nature will forward your copy of the Credit Agreement along with an invoice for the total agreed price which must be paid to DSE or Trust For Nature, to be held in trust. Payments are subsequently made to the landowner in instalments over the period of their 10-year Management Plan.

See also “About the trading process

Does VegetationLink undertake flora and fauna surveys or Net Gain Assessments?
VegetationLink is an offset analysis and trading service and does not undertake site assessments or development offset management plans