Campus Extension – Biosis & Victory Christian College

Vegetation Link provided the link in the chain, enabling Victory Christian College's extension to proceed without delays.
{cf_related_case_studiesVictory Christian College campus extension

Biosis is a large ecology and heritage consultancy firm hired by Victory Christian College to assess and determine their offset requirements as part of their staged campus extension. With the site assessment complete, Biosis approached Vegetation Link to provide a quote for offset credits to Victory Christian College.

Victory Christian College Operations Manager, Bruce Rodgers, reported his experience organising offsets for a previous development had been a stressful experience. He found working with Vegetation Link straight forward and efficient.

“With no knowledge of how these systems worked we had to negotiate what seemed like a maze of separate organisations over a four-month period to reach the result the college required.”

In their most recent development they have gone through the offset process twice; both times working with Vegetation Link.

“Everything was organised on our behalf. We simply made the request and Vegetation Link did the rest. Each time the process was completed in around 2 weeks. There was no stress and no other organisations for us to contact. Vegetation Link were extremely prompt, gave great communication and the value for money was exceptional.”

Stage 2 of the Victory Christian College campus extension has now been completed, with a 2 court gymnasium.

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