Large infrastructure projects


Some larger projects trigger a complicated matrix of offset obligations to different levels of government. They require a strategic approach for meeting those requirements and a knowledge of biodiversity and suitable offset sites that goes beyond the Native Vegetation Offset Register.

We have a long and successful track record as a partner to large developments and infrastructure projects. We put together project-specific offset strategies based on your final or anticipated obligations, the government modelling, and our expert knowledge of state level and Australian Government offset requirements, to reduce risk, contain cost and keep the project on track.


From wind farms to road upgrades - we have a long and successful track record as a partner to large developments and infrastructure projects.

Offsetting your project risk

In the case of Federal biodiversity offsets triggered by the EPBC Act, or in the case of State offset requirements where the required offset credits are not currently registered, we have the expertise and relationships to identify and establish new offset sites. Biodiversity offset obligations represent a risk to your project for as long as there is uncertainty around the question of whether the offsets can be secured. We can assemble an offset strategy, linking you to landowners with the right skills and with the matching attributes on their land, to remove that risk to your project.

We offer developers and consultants:

  • obligations analysis and modelling to understand offset requirements
  • risk identification for different requirements, by habitat or species – we understand the market in terms of demand, and we know the key risks in terms of supply and availability
  • competitive turnaround times – we know that time can cost you money
  • expert knowledge – our team is dedicated to biodiversity offset brokering
  • an extensive knowledge of established offset sites and a network of prospective sites
  • end-to-end service – from securing your biodiversity offsets through to completion
  • experience – we have facilitated over 1700 offset arrangements across NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

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Contact us to discuss your project’s offset obligations. We can work with your ecological advisors, or with you directly. Some offset solutions can take considerable time to navigate to conclusion, whether it be a complex Federal offset obligation or bringing new landowners into the offsetting system to address State offset obligations. The earlier you get us involved in your project, the less likely it is that securing your offsets will be on the critical path for your project. We hate being on the critical path. Call us in early.

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