Team Update

8 people standing side-by-side in a bush setting

Last year saw some big changes to our little team with the retirement of our gem, Mel Pritchard, and the addition of 3 new staff members. That means we're overdue for an introduction to the team as of 2024! From left to right:

Tesha - Senior Broker - Victorian Offsets. Tesha heads the State offsetting team who answer your calls and emails every day.

Julie - Senior Consultant - Biodiversity Offsets. Julie heads the team in EPBC and Federal offsetting, working tirelessly to get those complex arrangements across the line.

Brendon - Landowner Support. Brendon works with landowners to help them understand the world of offsetting, as well as doing the work on the ground to seek out new sites for complex offset requirements. He's also our unofficial in-house tech support.

Lawrie Conole - Federal Biodiversity Offset Broker. Lawrie teams up with Julie to keep things moving in the Federal space.

Sid - Managing Director. Sid's the one that keeps the wheels turning here and makes sure everyone's had their coffee in the morning (occasionally forgetting to have one himself). Sid oversees the big and ‘curly’ projects and makes sure the whole team works like a well-oiled machine.

Shannen - Biodiversity Offset Broker. Shannen is part of the State offsetting team and also assists landowners with their offset site reporting requirements.

Lucas - Biodiversity Offset Broker. Lucas rounds out our State offsetting team, working hard to churn out your quotes and contracts on a daily basis.

Ket - Landowner Support. Ket teams up with Brendon in the field and in the office, sourcing new sites and providing support to existing ones.

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