Swift Sanctuary

Swift parrots bathing and drinking at a water hole in the bush

Swift Parrots are a species that breed only in Tasmania and spend their time foraging flowering eucalypts on the mainland. Due to deforestation in Tasmania, breeding habitat for this species has dwindled, earning them ‘critically endangered’ conservation status. According to a study by the Australian National University (ANU), there could be fewer than 300 swift parrots left in the wild.

The parrots live nomadic lifestyles, sometimes staying for hours at some sites and for weeks or months at others, which can make them difficult to both study and protect. But this particular study utilised DNA extracted from blood and feather samples to estimate the population size.

Thankfully, we’re fortunate enough to have many landowners doing the work to preserve habitat for endangered species. And the proof is in the pudding. We received footage of at least 9 swift parrots having a drink and a bath at one of our landowner’s sites in the Strathbogie Shire area. You can watch for yourself here.

Thanks to Libby, Ted & Steve for the work you do and for allowing us to share this special sighting with the world.

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