Streamlining Signing

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If you're a regular user of our services, you may have seen that we have fully integrated our CTA signing process with DocuSign. This is a big change from the previous process of manually emailing and signing documents and we understand that this change could be daunting for some. But trust us, this process is a lot more streamline.

When you're a part of a trade as a purchaser or credit owner, you'll now receive an email from DocuSign to review and sign the CTA. DocuSign allows you to easily digitally sign the document, and once you click ‘finish’ it'll be automatically be sent on to the next party for signing. No need to download, print, sign, scan and email back anymore! Once all parties have signed the document, you'll automatically receive an executed copy for your files.

Each time we send you a CTA for signing, you'll receive instructions on how to sign document as well as how to allocate to another signer, in case you're not the one responsible for signing such documents. And an added bonus is that if you've opened the document but forgotten to sign it, DocuSign will automatically send you a little reminder after 7 days.

We're always here to help, so if you have any troubles using the new system feel free to get in touch. But we bet you'll love it!

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