Meet the Team

6 people standing side-by-side in nature, all smiling with their hands in their pockets.

We've been slowly growing as a team over the last few years, so we thought it was about time we put some faces to our names. From left to right:

Tesha - Biodiversity Offset Broker. Tesha deals with almost everything in State offsets on a daily basis and is mostly likely one of the 2 brokers answering your phone calls and emails.

Julie - Senior Consultant. Julie is the queen of all things EPBC and Federal offsetting.

Lucas - Biodiversity Offset Broker. Lucas is the new kid on the block, working alongside Tesha in State offsets and general enquiries.

Brendon - Landowner Support. Brendon works with landowners - old and new - to help them understand the world of offsetting, as well as doing the work on the ground to seek out new sites for complex offset requirements.

Mel - Senior Offset Analyst. Mel is our GIS mapping wiz, assessing the biodiversity outcomes of potential new offset sites, amongst many other things. Mel also happens to be the longest standing Veg Linker.

Sid - Managing Director. Sid's the one that keeps the wheels turning here and makes sure everyone's had their coffee in the morning. Sid works most closely with Julie, Brendon & Mel in Federal offseting, searching for new offset sites and ensuring everyone is happy with the work we do.

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