Trading Credits

The trading of vegetation credits is governed by the rules established by the Victorian Government. The ownership, trading and extinguishment of vegetation credits as an offset are recorded on the Victorian Native Vegetation Credit Register, managed by the State of Victoria.

For a credit to be traded, it must meet the standards of the Native Vegetation Credit Register. Bushbroker, Trust for Nature and accredited agents can conduct site assessments to enable the registration of credits on the Native Vegetation Credit Register.

An overview of the typical trading process is set out below:

An overview of the typical trading process

The timelines to complete the process is dependent on a number of factors including, but not limited to, whether a Landowner Agreement is already executed by the Landowner, the time for the responsible authority to review the draft Offset Management Plan and final execution of agreements by all parties. If the credits are already registered and available, trades can be completed in less than one month, but it is strongly recommended commencing the process as early in your project lifecycle to avoid project delays.