VegetationLink provides an avenue for Landowners who are committed to protecting and enhancing their high value habitats to generate income through the sale of credits to offset the clearance of native vegetation by other parties. There are no upfront costs to register your native vegetation credits with VegetationLink.

To register native vegetation credits, you must have had your property assessed by an accredited assessor, and a management plan developed which quantifies the types and quantities of credits potentially available. Typically to generate a credit, you will be required to:

  • Enter into a permanent on-title agreement which protects the site, and prevents threatening processes such as development, subdivision, fire wood collection, grazing etc. from occurring on the site;
  • Agree to implement a 10-year active environmental management plan which maintains or improves the quality of your native vegetation; and,
  • Provide annual or periodic reports on the progress of your management plan, and allow the responsible agency to inspect your progress as required.

Site assessments and management plan development are available through BushBroker, Trust for Nature or accredited environmental consultants. We can arrange for a suitable assessment to be conducted on your behalf. Contact Us for more information

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I generate Native Vegetation Credits?
    Landowners who wish to generate Native Vegetation Credits are required to sign a BushBroker Landowner Agreement (Landowner Agreement) or a Trust for Nature Offset Covenant for the management and protection of the Native Vegetation Credit site.

    To enable the preparation of the Agreements, a field assessment must be conducted by BushBroker, Trust for Nature or a BushBroker accredited consultant.

    You must have had an approved assessment conducted to enable listing your credits on VegetationLink.
  2. Does VegetationLink undertake flora and fauna surveys or Net Gain Assessments?
    VegetationLink is an offset analysis and trading service. However, we can arrange for qualified consultant, BushBroker or Trust for Nature assessor to undertake your site assessment.
  3. Do I need to covenant my property to supply credits?
    Yes, to generate a native vegetation credit you must agree to an  on-title agreement being placed on your property to protect the native vegetation in perpetuity. However, the covenant only needs to cover the area being managed as an offset site, and may not impact on the use of the balance of your property.
  4. What are the VegetationLink listing fees?
    There are no upfront fees to list your native vegetation credits on VegetationLink. We charge a brokerage fee upon execution of a credit sale, which varies with the value of the sale. Please Contact Us to discuss our current transaction fees.
  5. What happens if you have multiple landowners who match an offset requirement?
    ES Link Services has a documented protocol for the matching of Landowners with offset purchasers. In summary, when two or more property’s closely match the offset requirement we will offer all matching Landowners the opportunity to bid on the credit sale, which will be provided to the purchaser.
  6. What are credits worth?
    In developing a price for the sale of native vegetation credits, you need to take into account a number of factors, including but not limited to, direct management costs, lost land value or opportunity costs, risks, tax, cash flow and wider market implications. BushBroker provides an information sheet to assist you in developing a price and also publishes pricing information.More information can also be found on the Department of Sustainability & Environment website.